Mr. Clarke's Message

Picture of Allen Alligator Mascot
Thank you for taking the time to visit the Milton H. Allen Elementary School website. We are proud to educate approximately 350 students, ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade. Allen School opened its doors in 1929, and our school community takes pride in the rich tradition of education that occurs here daily. A stroll through our halls reminds students, staff, and families that they are walking through an educational landmark, with character of the past and a twenty-first century approach to helping children succeed today. At Allen School we work hard to educate the whole-child, both academically, as well as through social-emotional growth.
From an academic standpoint, our literacy program offers a balanced literacy approach with excellent differentiation. Our math curriculum allows a balance of investigating math for conceptual understanding, while also providing rigor for future preparations in math and science. Our curriculum is infused with a variety of “specials” that allows our students to explore and grow through the realms of art, library, physical education, music, and STEM. Finally, our staff is able to support a range of learners through special education, math and reading support, speech therapy, health, guidance, and IMPACT instruction.
Allen School strives to teach children the importance of social-emotional learning in our daily interactions with each other. Efforts throughout Allen are constantly occurring to impress upon students the need for respect… respecting others, respecting ourselves, and respecting our school. We are guided by a dedicated staff aimed at student growth; who want students to experience the value of working hard to achieve goals. It is humbling and exciting to know that families of Allen School support efforts to raise not just diligent students, but also excellent citizens.
It isn’t easy to raise and educate young learners today, but there is no greater reward in life than knowing a student is growing and learning. I felt it as a youngster, I enjoy guiding staff to build those efforts in our students each day, and my wife and I look forward to instilling that effort in our children.
As questions, concerns, and thoughts arise throughout the year, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] 609-654-4203. We look forward to sharing with you the learning experience that comes with being a part of Allen School!