Logica Club

Does your child enjoy strategizing and crave exercising their mind?
Then Logica is the club for them!

Logica will provide opportunities for children to exercise their high thinking math brain by participating in various levels of play and strategy games. It is also a social opportunity for children to make friends with other children who share their interests.
This can include games such as:
  • Group and Partner Building Games:
    • Legos, Knex, building roller coasters, Marble runs, i coaster, magnetics, Uberstix, Build A Fort, Team Building opportunities
  • Individual Strategy Games
    • Rush Hour, Tip Over, Block Build, Block puzzles, Rubik's cube, mind puzzles, Quantomino, IQ tech, and Cool circuit
  • 2-4 Partner Strategy Games
    • Sequence, Master Mind, Othello, Tetris, Fitz, Terzetto, Pentamino, Backgammon, Chess, Ball Drop, Connect four etc.